8 Reasons Why Buying a Cheap Boat Will Save You Time, Money & Heartache

It’s understandable – we all get the boat fever every once in a while and want to get out on the water. If you’re interested in fishing or most any water related activity, you’ve probably taken a look at some really nice, new power boats.

Boat load of gold

Image courtesy of iosphere via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

While center consoles, sport fishing boats and other types of vessels offer lots of space and the opportunity to reach more spots offshore, they do carry a lot of responsibility and literaelly cost a boat load of gold. Countless individuals have learned this the hard way over the years – they purchased a large, expensive boat just to sell it a few years later because it cost too much and they never took it out.

What started as a passion for getting on the water suddenly turned into a nightmare for their wallet, their schedule and even their life.

However, as long as you’re not interested in offshore waters, a cheap (i.e. inexpensive) boat like a kayak or round boat may be all you need to do a little fishing or just get out on the tranquility of your local river, lake or bay.

Continue reading for 8 reasons why opting for a cheap boat will save you time money and heartache.

  1. No Gas – A cheap, smaller boat will have little to no gas cost. Small jon boats come with a low-horsepower motor, but an electric motor is more than sufficient for a canoe, kayak or round boat. Larger motorized boats carry a high price tag just to even get out and use them, not to mention the fuel required to pull it to your launch site.
  1. No financing costs – Many larger boats are in fact financed. Most people do not have $10k+ available to purchase a larger motor boat outright, so many will get a loan and make payments each month like a car. If finances get tight though, this can become a real burden. Cheaper boats on other hand are usually bought in cash since they’re way more affordable. Also, if you finance a boat, the bank will require you to carry insurance.
  1. Fewer things to break – Larger fishing and recreation boats have complicated engines and equipment that often break. These costs can come out of nowhere and be quite a substantial hit on top of the high costs of buying a boat and putting gas in it.
  1. Easier to transport – Larger boats on a trailer must be hooked to a truck and driven to a boat ramp. A cheap or inexpensive boat on the other hand can be loaded on top of a vehicle (i.e. canoe/kayak) or put in the back of a pickup. Some higher-end cheap boats (i.e. round boat) have optional trailers.
  1. Less preparation time required – If you have 2 or 3 hours open up and want to get out on the water, you will be hard pressed to get out there if you have do a bunch of preparation on your large boat. If you’re organized, you can easily load up your cheap boat and be on the water in less than a ½ hour. Since a kayak or round boat can be launched from just about anywhere, you won’t need to spend valuable time getting to a ramp that can accommodate a larger boat.
  1. Easier maintenance, clean up – Larger, more expensive boats also come with some pretty substantial maintenance costs, whether it’s the engine, electronics or simply cleaning the boat. A smaller cheap boat on the other hand will require a little cleaning of course, but keeping it in good working order will not require a substantial amount of time or money.
  1. Easier storage – Larger center console or other motor boats have to be stored somewhere, be it at your house, a marina or some other storage facility. They require a fair amount of space and can often times get in the way. A kayak or round boat on the other hand doesn’t require a lot of space, and can be easily stored out of the way in the garage.
  1. You won’t be tempted to do something stupid – The bigger the boat you have, the more tempting it will be for you to push its limits. If you’re in an offshore boat, this can be especially dangerous. Since you can’t take a cheap boat very far, the chance of you succumbing to any big ideas is pretty low.


If you’re researching boat options, consider these points and make sure you understand the financial and time costs or buying a larger, more expensive boat. If you’re only looking for something to help you enjoy the water only occasionally, a smaller, cheap boat will provide what you need without these burdens.

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