Offshore Fishing Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach has access to some of the best offshore fishing in the country. That also makes Virginia Beach home to some of the most experienced and sought after charter fishing captains in the nation. Many are born into it and have been fishing their whole life while others move here and spend all their time on the water learning the ways. Either way, these charter fishing captains know how, when and where to catch fish, as well as weather, tides and logistics to ensure a successful and enjoyable time out on the water. All you have to do is show up with a sense of adventure and prepare yourself for some intense offshore fishing action!


When booking a fishing charter out of Virginia Beach, the captain and crew take pride in providing you with a seamless day out on the water. With that being said, check with them before hand to make sure there isn’t anything special you need to bring. Most services will provide ice, bait and all the gear you need to catch fish. No need to purchase a fishing license either, you are covered under the captain’s license while on the boat. This is handy for anyone visiting from out of state as non-resident fishing licenses can sometimes be spendy. What you are required to bring is drinks, snacks, lunch, appropriate clothing and any personal items that you may need while out for the day.

The crew will take care of all the rigging (knot tying, untangling, etc.) and baiting of the hooks. As far as fishing goes, just listen to the captain and deckhands on what to do and you should have no problem catching fish. Once you get a fish to the boat, a crew member will take care of it from there to get it safely on board. If the fish is within season, bag limit and slot size, it will be put on ice and you will be able to take fresh fish home that night for dinner. Of course there will be photo opportunities with your catch, so smile big!

Weather can sometimes play a factor in boating and fishing, and hiring a charter is no exception. In the event that inclement weather shows up, the call to cancel the trip will be made at the discretion of the captain. If the weather is calling for slight rain, then most of the time the trip will still be on, so packing a light rain jacket is a good idea. When a trip is cancelled due to inclement weather, captains will try their best to work with you to reschedule. If you need to cancel for whatever reason, be sure to read the conditions for canceling. They vary from charter to charter.

Regardless of which Virginia Beach fishing charter you choose, remember that they are there to make your fishing trip one that you will never forget. To help them out, be sure to read all their policies to ensure that you are on the same page. Have fun and tight lines!


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