Tampa Tarpon Fishing

Florida has been an epicenter for Tarpon fishing since the earliest of days in the sportfishing world. In this, most famously, is the fishing in Boca Grande, Florida. However, when May, June, and July roll around, Tampa Florida becomes part of the massive yearly migration that takes place up the states SW coast. When this happens, Tampa becomes one of the most busy Tarpon fisheries in the state – if not globally.  Read More


Ketchikan Alaska Fishing Trips

When it comes to Alaska fishing, few destinations within the Last Frontier can compete with Ketchikan. Ketchikan is a mix of traditional Alaska, Gold Rush Alaska, and modern day Alaska all rolled into one. It is a fishing town, but it’s also stunningly beautiful in both architecture as well as environmentally speaking. It also happens to be the “Salmon Capital of the World”. Read More

Offshore Fishing Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach has access to some of the best offshore fishing in the country. That also makes Virginia Beach home to some of the most experienced and sought after charter fishing captains in the nation. Many are born into it and have been fishing their whole life while others move here and spend all their time on the water learning the ways. Either way, these charter fishing captains know how, when and where to catch fish, as well as weather, tides and logistics to ensure a successful and enjoyable time out on the water. All you have to do is show up with a sense of adventure and prepare yourself for some intense offshore fishing action! Read More

Kayak Fishing in Tampa, Florida

Ask any fisherman or woman in Florida and chances are that they’ll all agree that Florida is the kayak fishing capital of the world. Of course other state’s fishermen may disagree, but it’s hard to argue that Florida isn’t up there with the best of them. The only argument you’ll find amongst fellow Florida kayak fisherman is where the hottest region to fish is, which species is the most fun to catch or what baits/lures work best. So let’s take this opportunity to focus on Tampa Bay kayak fishing and what some of the best baits/lures to use to catch the wide variety of fish that you’ll find swimming inshore. Read More