Tampa Tarpon Fishing

Florida has been an epicenter for Tarpon fishing since the earliest of days in the sportfishing world. In this, most famously, is the fishing in Boca Grande, Florida. However, when May, June, and July roll around, Tampa Florida becomes part of the massive yearly migration that takes place up the states SW coast. When this happens, Tampa becomes one of the most busy Tarpon fisheries in the state – if not globally.  Read More


Fishing the Continental Shelf Just Offshore from Cocoa Beach

Florida’s Atlantic coast, especially from Cocoa Beach on south toward the Keys, is known throughout the world for its amazing blue color. Unlike other coastal areas around Florida, the Continental Shelf is rather narrow off Cocoa Beach and points south, meaning the water depth drops off pretty significantly only a few miles offshore.

The Continental Shelf and the slope that drops off a few miles offshore are pretty significant for a variety of reasons.

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Louisiana Charters Target Redfish at One of Many Artificial Reefs


There are many spots throughout coastal Louisiana where charters can go searching for Redfish. If they’re staying around inshore waters because the open Gulf is a little rough, Redfish can be found around grassy areas near the shoreline.

If charters are offshore looking for more mature Redfish, they may be found around rocky outcroppings (i.e. a jetty) and around other reefs, both natural and manmade. Most of the ocean bottom around south Terrebonne Louisiana consists of sand. Large oyster beds are the most common natural reefs found in this area.

In order to help bolster fish populations along the Gulf coast, all 5 states have their own Artificial Reef Program. According to William Seaman, Jr. and the National Wildlife Federation, an artificial reef can be defined as “one or more objects of natural or human origin deployed purposefully on the sea floor to influence physical, biological or socioeconomic processes related to living marine resources.”

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Essential Regulations Anglers Must Follow in Alaska

Ketchikan fishing charters want their clients to have a good time but understand there are rules they must follow

When you’re on vacation, the rules are probably the farthest thing from you mind. Although you may think there are no rules for fishing and hunting the expansive wilderness of Alaska, nothing could be farther from the truth.

No, while movies and folklore may lead you to believe you can do anything in Alaska, there are rules all anglers and fishing charters around Ketchikan must follow to ensure adequate numbers of salmon and other fish are maintained.

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