6 Nearby Protected Areas Where You Can Enjoy Your Cocoa Beach SUP Rental

One of the reasons paddleboarding is so attractive to many are the options it presents for getting to out of the way spots. Kayaking and canoeing have traditionally filled this role, but paddleboarding allows the user to stand, hence the acronym “SUP.”

Rentals around Cocoa Beach and the Indian River Lagoon are fortunate in that they can offer a wide variety of spots for paddleboarding. These range from secluded, low-traffic spots where a novice can learn, to open waters for the most seasoned expert.

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Kayak Fishing in Tampa, Florida

Ask any fisherman or woman in Florida and chances are that they’ll all agree that Florida is the kayak fishing capital of the world. Of course other state’s fishermen may disagree, but it’s hard to argue that Florida isn’t up there with the best of them. The only argument you’ll find amongst fellow Florida kayak fisherman is where the hottest region to fish is, which species is the most fun to catch or what baits/lures work best. So let’s take this opportunity to focus on Tampa Bay kayak fishing and what some of the best baits/lures to use to catch the wide variety of fish that you’ll find swimming inshore. Read More

Understanding Efficiency & Stability When Searching for Fishing Kayaks

With so many fishing kayaks for sale, understanding the dynamic of length vs. width is a critical step to ensuring you find the right kayak for your needs

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For the most part, fishing kayaks are simply standard kayaks with a few add-ons for gear, rods and other supplies. While there are kayaks for sale built specifically for fishing, most anglers will simply buy the ideal boat for their circumstances and add the few items needed to make it a fishing kayak.

If you’ve begun your search for the ideal fishing kayak though, you’re probably a little confused by all of the available options. You can learn more about the various types of kayaks here, but one vital issue you will need to consider when searching for the perfect fishing kayak is efficiency and stability. Read More